Integrating with iSpindel


  1. Download the latest firmware, binary file, from

  2. Copy your BrewBench API key and save it somewhere, you'll need to paste this into step 8 for configuration.

  3. Plug a micro USB into the closest port on your iSpindel.

  4. Tap the side button next to the micro USB port 3-4 times with a small flat head screwdriver to start up the WiFi in config mode.

  5. Connect to the iSpindel_iSpindel000 network.

  6. Open the config URL in your browser

  7. Click on maintenance and make sure you have the latest firmware, if not then upload the one you downloaded in step 1.


Then click on configuration and setup the following

  1. Change the iSpindel name

  2. Set the interval to 900 (15 min)

  3. Select HTTP for Service Type

  4. Paste your BrewBench API key in for Token

  5. Enter for Service Address

  6. Enter 80 for the Service Port

  7. Enter /ispindel/[BrewBench API Key] for Path / URI (Replacing [BrewBench API Key] for your Key and Save

  • If you don't want to DIY one you can buy one from Open Source Distilling

App settings

You can copy your API key from settings in the app or from the add iSpindel screen. Use the default /ispindel/[API KEY] endpoint for plato. The app will display this in the temp setting you have selected.


You can debug the iSpindel with Arduino Studio

  1. Open Arduino Studio

  2. Plug your iSpindel into the micro USB

  3. Select the port from Tools -> port

  4. Open the Serial Monitor from Tools

  5. Select 115200 baud


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